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Car Vacuum 2.0 - The Advanced Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum 2.0 - The Advanced Vacuum Cleaner

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LIMITED Quantity Available! 

The most powerful vacuum cleaner on the market, with an upgraded version that has
increased suction power of more than 6000 Pa!

It will solve all cleaning problems in the car, whether dry or wet, keep your car clean

with the car vacuum cleaner, which is one of the most important accessories for your

car that is your second home.



  • Strong suction capacity: you won't have to worry about the vacuums that sweep poorly that we are used to, they will clean, that is, they will clean
  • Multiple uses for Car Vacuum through the accessories that come with it: For multiple cleaning uses, the vacuum cleaner is equipped with 6 heads that fit all cleaning places and situations in the car
  • HEPA Odor Elimination TECHNOLOGY: With this filtration technology, you will get rid of any unpleasant odors in your car, not just clean it.
  • Compact and Convenient Size: The vacuum cleaner won't take up much space in your car.
  • Equipped with a high-voltage motor and power of 100 watts and has the ability to compete with the rest of the products to pull out all the dirt
  • You pull everything that comes to your mind, liquid - hair - cigarettes with a terrible force.



1 * vacuum cleaner
1 * extended flat mouth
1 * multi-function brush
1 * extension pipe
1 * USB charging cable


Keep your car clean permanently and without cleaning costs, and get Car Vacuum - the upgraded vacuum cleaner!



It’s amazing the amount of pride and care they put behind making the customer #1 and taking great care of people.

With every purchase, you get a 30 day money back guarantee, so can try and use the hearing aids for more than a month before you decide if you’re going to keep them.

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