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Magical Modified Forehead Hairline Stamp

Magical Modified Forehead Hairline Stamp

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Fill in Big Forehead or grey hair perfectly every time like a PRO!


This powder match natural hair tones and can be applied quickly and easily

The powder also contain hair-strengthening ingredients such as keratin and biotin, which can help to improve hair health over time.

Instant hair loss coverage powders can be an effective solution for those looking for a quick and easy way to conceal hair loss and boost their confidence.


 It can be used to Fill in Brows Perfectly:

 Place it and draw naturally filled-in eyebrows with zero effort! Perfect for beginners, it gives you the easiest, fastest way to shape eyebrows like a pro.

Long-Lasting, Waterproof: 

The buildable, transfer-resistant formula will leave a naturally matte finish that lasts through the day.

Perfectly Shaped Border:

No more uneven eyebrows! The pre-printed stencil helps you to stamp on sparse area effortlessly with no mistakes.

10 Shapes for Selection.

Quick & Easy to Use: 

Perfect for beginners to create good-looking brows, this kit will turn an 15 minutes-long filling-in process into seconds with even application.

Reusable, Washable:

 Durably made with waterproof PVC for long-term use, just rinse it with warm water with zero residues!

  • 1 x Brow Stamp
  • 2 x Mini Brushes
  • 10 x Brow Shaping Stencils

30 Day Money back Guarantee

It’s amazing the amount of pride and care they put behind making the customer #1 and taking great care of people.

With every purchase, you get a 30 days money back guarantee, so can try and use our products for more than a month before you decide if you’re going to keep them.

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