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Multifunctional Waterless Cleansing Cream │ BEEWAX

Multifunctional Waterless Cleansing Cream │ BEEWAX

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Is your wood furniture lacking luster?

Give your wood furniture a conditioning treatment to revive it with this

amazing Wood Seasoning Beeswax! 

This is an easy-to-apply remedy that will keep your wooden tools in top condition to
help them last many years.

This Wood Seasoning Beeswax can revive, protect and preserve the finish of wood

surfaces.  Just a small amount goes a long way towards protecting your wood from the

harmful effects of moisture and prevents it from drying out. 

Using Methods:


☛ After cleaning and drying the furniture, you just spread the beeswax on the furniture where you need to refurbish evenly with a sponge or rag, then dry it for about 30 minutes, wipe it repeatedly with a clean towel. Leave it for at least 16 hours.
☛ Please follow these instructions and your furniture will glow with health. It will look nourished and richer and your wood will most definitely feel the love.

Materials: Natural Beeswax
 Product Weight: 80g
Package Contents: Wood Seasoning BeeswaxX 1


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